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Since you have accumulated thousands of family photos over the decade or inherited them from your parents, why should you have your photos scanned?

  • To protect your invaluable family pictures from a natural disaster, damage or theft
  • Scanning your pictures today protects them from deterioration in the future
  • To share your photos with your family and friends through social media and email
  • So that you and your siblings can share your parents’ photos
  • To make photo slide shows for special family events

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The best way to have your photos scanned is on a DVD from PrintScans

  • Our professional photo scans digitalize your photos and put them on a DVD for you to store, view or edit on your home computer or other digital device
  • We return all of your photographs when we are done
  • PrintScans provides you with the easiest and safest way to preserve and share your photo memories
  • Our photo scanning services are performed at our facility located in Northeast Ohio
  • Our company has provided photography services for over 25 years
  • We understand how important photo memories are and we treat your pictures with the respect and care that they deserve
  • PrintScans guarantees your satisfaction